Here is a peek :)

snapshot_067snapshot_069tainted2tainted1In between heavy rain storms (lighting is not my cup of tea, especially near windows and technology and my bad luck)  I’ve managed to put together a few (some edited, some not yet edited) pictures of the sim for all that are interested.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Theater is almost done :)

Quick little update.  Our Theater is almost complete.  Thanks to our Genius Architect Senta, we are well on our way to being able to provide a place to give out live music and events.  I’d like to thank all of you for the positive feedback on the sim.  It is much appreciated.  Also, if you are sub/slave needing a place to call home and hone in your training, please come see us 🙂  We are here to help you. Another also, We will be creating a flickr page to post pictures of various tainted morals activity on the sim.  A visitor the other day spent about an hour at the cemetery.  yay 🙂 The Mansion is almost finished.  As is the Dungeon.  I’m excited.  

Welcome :)

Welcome to the city of Tainted morals.  I wanted to do something with Sin, but I wanted it a bit catchier.  This is just a little blog that will be used to show sim progress, pictures, information, sim events, begging for donations.    Please be aware, I work a lot in rl.  If you desire to read something every single second..please tell me what you do for a living that you can afford that.  Seriously, I’m curious.  

Taxi 🙂

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